Price List

Servicing Safety Check Basic General Full
  £20 £45 £60 £100
Visual Inspection and parts quotation. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tyre condition checked & inflated to correct pressure. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bolts & Fastners checked and correctly tightened. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Brakes checked and correctly adjusted (non hydraulic). Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hydraulic Brake bleed & service (option) X Add £25 Add £25 Add £25
Gears checked and correctly adjusted.
X Yes Yes Yes
Fitting of inner gear/brake cables & pads (if required).
X Yes Yes Yes
Frame & chain clean.
X Yes Yes Yes
Hub & Headset bearing adjustment.
X Yes Yes Yes
Wheels checked & trued in professional wheel jig.
X X Yes Yes
Complete degrease and relube of drivechain.
X X Yes Yes
Headset service (if required).
X X Yes Yes
Bottom Bracket service (if required).
X X Yes Yes
Hub service (if required).
X X Yes Yes
Inner & Outer brake cable replacement.
X X Yes Yes
Full bike strip down & valet.
X X X Yes
Removal of all parts, regrease & refit. X X X Yes


PUNCTURE REPAIR (including new tube)
Puncture Repair (Standard Valve)
Puncture Repair (Long Valve)
Hub Geared Wheel £12.50
Caliper Brake Service (pair) £15.00
V-Brake Service (pair)
Cantilever Brake Service (pair)
Hydraulic Brake Service (per brake)
Front Hub Service
Rear Hub Service
Front & Rear Hub Service
Wheel Truing/Re-tension (per wheel)
Wheel Building (per wheel)
Inspection & adjustment
Bottom Bracket
Cup & Cone type (Service)
Cartridge Type (Remove & Replace
Accessories Fitting
Panniers (Front) £7.50
Panniers (Rear) £7.50
Full Mudguard Set £15.00


Our prices include us getting to you with our mobile repair van. Prices are for Labour only and do not include parts.